Photo: Camilla Damgård / Norwegian Olympic Museum

Magical moments

Is it not funny how objects and historical moments can bring forth nostalgic feelings? 

Thorleif Haugs gold medal from Chamonix in 1924. Photo: Anders Lindstad. 

At the Norwegian Olympic museum you get to relive magical Olympic moments through a large collection of historical objects.

To mention every object will be too extensive, but an example is how clothes and equipment that was top moderns some years ago, today bring a smile on our lips.

You will find medals, pictures, objects and gadgets and even one of the most important Olympic symbols; the torch. The torch from the opening ceremony in 1994 and the torch from Sotchi are both present in the collection. 

The different objects all tell their stories about sports, development and the time they represent. Different objects bring out different associations. Magical moments can be created by just a glimpse of a pair of skies, a picture or a medal.

The museum offers a lot to see, read and learn. Photo: Camilla Damgård.