Summer Olympic Games

Athens 1896

The Olympic Games revived.

Paris 1900

In the shadow of the World Exhibition.

St Louis 1904

The USA dominates the home venue.

Athen 1906

Norway wins its first medals - in unofficial Games.

London 1908

New Norwegian shooting gold - and women advance.

Stockholm 1912

A breakthrough for the Olympic movement.

Berlin 1916

Cancelled by the World War.

Antwerpen 1920

Many Norwegian golds in war-stricken country.

Paris 1924

Faster - higher - stronger.

Amsterdam 1928

Sailing gold with Crown Prince aboard/Women compete in athletics.

Los Angeles 1932

Marked by the world depression.

Berlin 1936

When Jesse Owens humbled Hitler.

London 1948

New start - with Sweden among the leaders.

Helsinki 1952

Splendid Games in small town.

Melbourne 1956

Egil Danielsen wins the javelin.

Roma 1960

The first TV Games.

Tokyo 1964

A bull’s-eye!

Mexico City 1968

A kayak four emerges.

München 1972

Terrorism overshadows the sporting festival.

Montréal 1976

Financial and political problems.

Moskva 1980

Many nations boycott.

Los Angeles 1984

King Carl strikes!

Seoul 1988

East and West together again.

Barcelona 1992

Norwegian woman wins a summer gold.

Atlanta 1996

The biggest ever!

Sydney 2000

The Olympic Games in Sydney were a gigantic festival of sports.

Athen 2004

10 558 participants from 201 nations.

London 2012

London was the first city to arrange Olympic games for a third time.